You can juice for a variety of reasons, weight loss, better health, digestion, and disease prevention. The nutritional quality and yield of juice are decided by two factors – how well the plant fibers are weakened and the way much force is employed to separate the juice from the pulp. Yield varies between sorts of juicers on different ingredients. The juice quality is really determined by the method and not the speed.

Hurom slow juicer allows us to pack plenty of fruits and vegetables into a drinkable cup. However, not every juicer makes an equivalent quality of juice.

If you’re someone who wants the foremost nutrients and values getting the foremost out of your juice, Hurom slow juicer might be better for your health. Generally speaking, all slow juicers are believed to supply more nutrients within the juice, due to the grinding and chewing action they need on the produce, which does a more thorough job of breaking down the plant cells and releasing the goodness.

Slow juicers also prevent extra money on your grocery bill, are quieter, and allow you to store the juice for up to 72 hours.

Slow juicers are slow because they have to use a pressing force to urge the juice through the filter without creating an excessive amount of heat and friction. A coffee speed induction motor is required for that pressing force. The speed is just a necessary aspect of the juicing process in each case.

Slow juicers have the power to store juice longer. It has to try to oxidize. Oxidation occurs whenever a fruit or vegetable is exposed to air.

Hurom slow juicer offers you a better juice yield, drier pulp, more juice from leafy greens, and tastier juice than centrifugal machines. Slow juicers rather than cutting up the produce they press and squeeze until the pulp from the fruits and vegetables are dry. They are doing it at very low speeds with minimal heat. This prevents juice from oxidizing too quickly and preserves more of the nutrients from the fruit or vegetable.

That’s why Hurom slow juicer is better with antioxidant, anticancer, and antidiabetic activities because blenders and fast juicers tend to destroy more of the nutrients and enzymes that make it healthy.

If you’re already into the juicing lifestyle, a touch longer spent with a Hurom slow juicer may be a small price to pay to urge better results, and therefore the simple use of those newer vertical slow juicers means there’s actually little or no loss of convenience once you upgrade from a centrifugal. Although the rotational speed is low, the powerful cold press action of the massive juicing augers in these machines means for every low-speed revolution, you process more ingredients than with the more traditional horizontal slow juicers. Horizontal auger juicers require a touch more patience, twin gear juicers even more so, with the latter getting used by highly motivated people, and people using juices for health problems, where maximum nutrition may be a priority.

These kinds of juicers are a touch more on the expensive side but once you purchase a mid to high-end machine, you always get a ten to fifteen-year warranty.

Most manufacturers cover both the parts and therefore the motor. So if something breaks, you’ve got a guarantee that they’ll send you replacement parts.