Migraine Headache Treatments – Reflexology Can Sort Your Migraine Out

Just say the word migraine and most migraineurs will inwardly cringe at the memory of the pain, their most recent headache still very vivid in their mind. Mention the word reflexology and more likely than not you will get a blank stare. And yet a recent study in Denmark has shown reflexology to be a useful migraine headache treatment.

So what then is reflexology?

A massage technique reflexology is based on the premise that every part of the human body has a corresponding point of contact on the sole of the foot. Massage to stimulate these points on the foot is believed to relieve tension, pain and stress in the corresponding parts of the body.

The Danish study consisted of a mix of people suffering from a migraines and people suffering from chronic tension headaches. About 90% of the people involved in the study had taken prescribed medication for their headaches in the month before the start of the study. After the study, thanks to the treatment, 19% of those involved were able to stop taking their headache medication.

The study included a program of six to eight treatments with regular monthly follow-ups afterwards for a period of six months. At the end of six months 23% of those involved claimed to be completely cured and were no longer experiencing headaches. 55% said there was a marked improvement in their condition and were experiencing less frequent and less severe headaches. And 78% of those involved said they had seen some improvement in their condition.

A follow-up check was done three months afterwards and found 23% of participants said they were cured and 41% believed their quality of life had improved. It was found that treatments were most effective on younger patients and those who had been suffering from migraines for a shorter period of time.