Organising a party is obviously very tricky, but even more so when it comes to a gender reveal party. Pregnancy is probably the most important thing in your whole life, and you probably cannot wait for the arrival of your baby. Many parents want to know the gender of their baby and organise a gender reveal party for this purpose. You see this happening more and more often on the internet, and it is of course a lot of fun. But how do you find out the gender of your baby during pregnancy? Most parents wait until the 20-week ultrasound, but this doesn’t always look at the gender. The doctor mainly looks at a child’s physical abnormalities and does not take extra time to look at the gender. So, what do you do if you want to organise a gender reveal party?

Nowadays, you can very easily order a gender test on the internet and with this you can find out what the sex of your child is. Yet, many parents want to know how this all works and how to buy it. How does it all work? In this article, we will tell you all about the gender test, so you can find out all about it.

How it works.

When you order a gender test on the internet, you can have it delivered to your home. You can perform the gender test all by yourself at home, but this requires DNA samples to be taken from the baby. During pregnancy, of course, this is very difficult, and DNA samples are taken from the mother. The mother’s blood also contains the baby’s DNA, and this can be used to determine the gender. The DNA samples are sent to the lab and here the samples are further examined. The result is delivered to your home in an anonymous letter, which you can then give to a family member. The family member can better organise the gender reveal party this way.


At a gender reveal party, people come up with the craziest things to announce the sex of their baby. For example, you can fill a balloon with blue chips if it is a boy and with pink chips if it is a girl. You can find many other things on the internet about how to announce it to others. Get inspiration on the internet and find a good way.