Various Fruits, Savers of Women

Throughout history, women have been trying various ways to resist aging and nourish the skin. In modern times, more and more cosmetics and drugs have been developed to help women improve the skin and enrich the blood. However, it is not nearly enough to just depend on cosmetics and drugs. A kind of comprehensive and thorough skin care must be realized from the inner side of the body. Fruit is the best natural skin care product. It can not only beautify the skin, but also prevent and treat various diseases. Among all the fruits, cherries, pomegranates and kiwis are rather effective in caring the skin.

Cherries contain abundant vitamin C, iron and carotene. The amount of tartaric acid, minerals and potassium is also rather high. Therefore, cherries can effectively enrich the blood and beautify the skin. They can resist the formation of melanin and accelerate the production of stratum corneum so as to make the skin smooth and elastic. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, cherries also have great value for medicine. Cherries can be used as medicine to treat numb limbs and rheumatic lumbago, playing an important role in inducing perspiration, benefiting vital energy, dispelling the wind and promoting eruption. In addition, women can supplement iron through eating cherries.

Pomegranates contain many kinds of essential nutrients needed by the human body, such as vitamin C, vitamin B, organic acid, sugar, protein, fat and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and potassium. It has been proved that pomegranates have a kind of strong ability of anti-oxidization. A kind of special substance called “ellagic acid” contained in pomegranates can nourish the cells and prevent the cells from being hurt by environmental pollution and ultraviolet rays so as to defer the aging of the human body. In addition, various kinds of amino acids and trace elements are contained in pomegranate juice and they can effectively improve the digestion, resist gastric ulcer, reduce the blood fat and blood sugar and lower the cholesterol.

Kiwis are regarded as a kind of fruit with the highest nutrition density. Two kiwis a day can provide enough calcium for the human body and help people improve the sleep. The taste of acescency can promote the gastrointestinal wriggle, reduce flatulence and improve the sleeping. The nutrients like amino acids, vitamin C and vitamin E contained in kiwis can not only beautify the skin, but also resist oxidation to whiten the skin and eliminate the freckles and acnes. The abundant minerals in kiwis can form a layer of protective film on the surface of the hair.

In short, fruits are the savers of women to provide the necessary nutrients and deal with various skin problems.