Supporting an aging parent can be an intimidating and anxiety-provoking experience for many adults. The idea that your parent may need some additional support may be a difficult situation to deal with for a variety of reasons. While this is certainly never an easy experience, understanding your options can help you determine that best course of action and the best way that you can support this next chapter of their lives.

Live-in Communities

For parents who may require more consistent attention or who are looking to be a part of a community again, Denver retirement homes may offer a great option. It is not uncommon for people as they age to feel less and less connected due to limited mobility, difficulty driving or isolation; however, live-in communities can be a wonderful way to mitigate that.

Care at Home

For those who are looking to remain at home, at-home care can be another option. While you will need to evaluate the cost and benefit of this option, this can be a great possibility for those who do not need constant care and are doing well in their own residence. You can always offer enriching experiences in their life at home through hobbies, outings and introductions to communities.

Improving Accessibility

If there are concerns for your parent spending too much time alone, there are support systems that can help them in the case of fall risks. Whether you install a home monitoring system, introduce a service animal, renovate the home to be more accessible or a combination of all of these, you can create a safer environment that can improve the safety of the home. Not only can this give your parent autonomy, but it can also reduce your anxiety of their risk when you aren’t around.

The scary reality of changing levels of ability can be keeping your parents safe while balancing their happiness, satisfaction and autonomy. While deciding on their care can be scary and unnerving, knowing your options can help you and them make a decision that is right for everyone.