Life’s most precious memories are made at home. For many seniors, moving to an assisted living facility means saying goodbye to the backdrop of their lives. Your loved ones do not need to leave home to receive the care they need. While home care could be the best solution for an aging family member, perceived barriers can prevent one from considering this option. Are these four misconceptions about home care holding you back from choosing what’s right for your family?

1. Home Care Is Only for People With Chronic Health Conditions

Adults who don’t require daily medical attention but could use extra help around the house can benefit from home care. A home care provider can assist with activities of daily living, such as showering and dressing. They can also help with household chores.

2. Your Loved One Will Stop Socializing

Choosing a home care agency Mamaroneck NY does not mean that your loved one will be lonely. Instead, it allows seniors to remain active in their community. Because home care providers assist with everything from chores to personal care, seniors can stick to their social routine. A caregiver can even take your loved one to social functions. Some seniors find companionship with their caregivers.

3. You Don’t Need Professional Caregivers When You Have Family

Caring for an aging loved one can be rewarding but all-consuming. Everyone needs a break. Caregiver burnout is real and can affect your physical and mental health. You can find relief and still tend to your loved one with assistance from a home care provider.

4. You Can’t Trust a Caregiver

Feel confident that a reputable, professional home care provider will pair your loved one with a vetted and trained caregiver. They proactively oversee their employees and will have processes for handling any issues that arise. The provider should also be licensed, bonded and insured.

With the right care at home, seniors can remain independent and mobile and thrive for years to come.