Most people think that nannies and babysitters are the one same thing in which first works for a particular agency, while the second is a private contractor. However, that is far from the truth.

The real understanding is that nannies are childcare professionals that underwent specialized training to help them achieve their expertise, among other things.

Still, people do not understand what they should expect from nannies in general. A nanny’s duties are much more significant than staying with your loved one and popping the latest cartoon so that child can sleep with ease.

They tend to everything, including providing discipline when necessary, planning educational activities, and many more. Check out the areas served by local nanny agencies near you if you want to look for one within.

It is important to avoid stereotypes in general, which is why you should understand everything about them before you make up your mind.

We decided to debunk common misunderstandings that people have on nannies, which is essential step you should take towards hiring someone from your area.

1. Nannies Are Not Babysitters That Operate Longer Hours

We have mentioned above that job of babysitting and being nanny is an entirely different approach. A babysitter’s general assignment is to supervise children for a particular period.

Their job is to keep the company to your loved ones while you are away and making them breakfast or dinner in some particular situation.

On the other hand, nannies come with additional assignments, including being involved in children that they care along the way. They are also responsible for the intellectual, physical, and emotional growth of a child.

They must be attentive to all aspects that are happening to children, follow their development, and implement appropriate adjustments that will affect their needs.

A single nanny’s day includes creating a game that will help your toddler improve the motor skills, noticing that baby can start eating solid foods and teaching preschoolers how to read, among other things.

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2. Being A Nanny is Career of Choice

You probably know that being a babysitter is not something that people want to do throughout their lifetimes. It is not a job of choice, but a part-time assignment that could bring you a few extra bucks.

On the other hand, being a professional nanny is an entirely different approach because it is crucial for a child’s development as well as proper growth, especially if parents are always away.

People tend to misunderstand this particular career as an illegitimate job compared with others. Still, nannies are here to spend their time with your loved ones, but beforehand, they have to adopt specialized knowledge and prove it by getting a specific license.

They tend to get the same benefits as full-time employees, especially if they are working for the company. At the same time, their salaries have to comply with the Fair Labor Standard Act, in which they have to receive paid holidays, vacation, and sick days.

Besides, they also have insurance premiums from the companies they work for, which are essential considerations compared with babysitting, which is a part-time job and not a career.

For instance, some families decide to award their nannies with additional reimbursements and bonuses for professional training and conferences that will allow them to improve overall knowledge and becoming better than before.

3. Being A Nanny Requires Special Training and Skills

Most people think that for this particular career, you do not have to obtain specialized training and skills in general.

However, caring for children is not that simple, and it requires proper guidance as well as the latest approaches that will help them understand nutrition, how to be creative, and how to teach a child something without being tedious and boring.

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Reality states that nannies require high education, which allows them to work in this particular field. According to INA (International Nannies Association), each employee has to meet five educational competencies as well as ongoing development, which is crucial.

The most critical skills that nannies should have include:

  • Early childhood education
  • Child nutrition
  • First-aid and CPR certification
  • Water safety certification
  • Sign language
  • Professional nanny certification

Therefore, if you wish to find someone who will care for your children while you are away or at work, you should check out these competencies beforehand.