My Aching Neck – A Brief Story About Whiplash

Car accidents are common. Most people I know have been rear-ended at some point in their lives. I’m writing this article in an attempt to educate people on how to handle a whiplash accident from the moment after their car accident to how they converse with their insurance agents to where to go to seek treatment regarding their injuries.

I will start with a brief story about my experience as a victim of a minor whiplash accident. I was in a car that was rear-ended by another car going 15 mph. After the accident I called the insurance adjustor and they asked me a series of questions. I remember being very flustered from the accident and they went right into the specific details of the incident. They asked me “do you have any injuries?” I responded I don’t think so.

The next morning I woke up with a severely stiff neck. I wasn’t sure what the procedure was next so I went to see my Doctor. He told me going to see a Doctor of Chiropractic was my best option. It seemed pretty simple, I received treatment from a talented chiropractor for 2 months. During that time we restored my previous neck alignment, decreased my pain levels and stopped my headaches. I thought it was a closed case, my personal injury protection section form insurance should have been paid.

I received a call from my insurance representative and she informed me my medical bills were not going to be paid because I must have lied about my whiplash condition. This conclusion was come to because I answered the question “do you have any injuries? ” with the response I don’t think so. This was 8 minutes after my accident. Current research shows your elevated adrenaline after an auto case can mask pain.

Insurance adjustors assumed I was dishonest about my injuries which was not true. I ended up having to go through an independent medical exam, get an attorney and fight the insurance company. Ultimately I won and my chiropractic bills were paid and I was actually given a large sum of money for my pain and suffering.

I want people to know how careful you have to be while conversing with insurance adjustors after a whiplash accident. They may try and get you to admit you are okay in order to protect their company from paying any of your medical bills.

Please be careful not to tell insurance adjustors you are completely healthy after a whiplash accident until you get checked out by a medical professional.

Please don’t go through what I did, be careful with what you say.