A vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure received by approximately 500,000 men every year as a form of birth control. The procedure works by having a doctor seal the vas deferens. This prevents the sperm from reaching the semen. Despite the number of men that choose to get the procedure, there are others that cannot even imagine going through with the operation. This is partially because it’s a permanent procedure, but also because of the angst associated with this type of minor surgery.

A vasectomy Kankakee IL is considered one of the most effective forms of birth control. Some men are able to get over their worries about the procedure because it’s able to prevent women from getting pregnant with 99 percent effectiveness. To put it into perspective, about 1 in 100 women get pregnant from a partner that has had a vasectomy. Some women appreciate the procedure because it takes the ownership of birth control out of their hands. A vasectomy is considered a minor surgical procedure, takes less than 30 minutes, requires only a local anesthesia, and can even be performed in your doctor’s office. This is unlike other minor surgeries that are performed in an operating room.

Although a vasectomy is considered permanent, it is possible to reverse the procedure. Sometimes men that have had a vasectomy end up changing their mind about wanting to have children, and subsequently opt to have the procedure reversed. It’s not uncommon for this to happen when their marital status changes, such as getting remarried after a divorce and wanting to have more children. Unfortunately, the reversal of a vasectomy isn’t always successful. There are some situations and factors that can reduce the success rate significantly.

Sometimes the decision to get a vasectomy is made so that the patient’s partner does not have to undergo a tubal ligation. After consulting with a doctor, couples learn that a tubal ligation is a far more invasive procedure that has more risks because there is exposure to vital organs. One of the dangers of having any medical procedure is getting an infection. While this is not common for a vasectomy, it is more of a possibility during a tubal ligation. Another reason why couples often choose a vasectomy over a tubal ligation is because it’s a lot less expensive.

The recovery time is much faster for a vasectomy than a tubal ligation, and there isn’t a lot of pain involved. Most men only experience minor issues, such as slight swelling and bruising. Patients that receive a vasectomy are often happy to learn that it does not have an effect on how their anatomy functions. Everything pretty much remains the same, with the exception of sealing the vas deferens. Most men report getting back to normal after just a couple of days. It’s a completely different experience from a tubal ligation that takes a much longer time to recover and is much more painful in most cases.