Top 5 Symptoms Of A Migraine Headache

Hi everyone! For this article, I decided to write a bit about migraines and some of the top symptoms for them. Many people are a bit confused about migraines. They wonder what the difference is between a regular headache and a migraine headache. It’s understandable that there is so much confusion between the two. However with this article, I hope to clear up the differences. With that, here is my list of the top 5 symptoms of a migraine headache.

1. Severe Pain

This is by far the most common symptom of a migraine. If you are having severe pain in your head such as a throbbing or pounding pain, this can definitely be a sign of a migraine.

2. Pain Senses

How are you with the light in the room? Are you okay with having the light on? If you have a migraine headache, you often will be very sensitive to light. You may insist that the lights stay off, that sounds are turned down, etc. Some people even have a difficulty with certain smells due to their migraine. If you are dealing with your senses, then this too can be a sign of a migraine.

3. Nausea

Are you nauseated? Is your stomach hurting? Do you feel like you’re going to vomit? When you have a headache, you may just deal with your head hurting. However, with migraines, it can affect your whole body. Feeling like you are going to throw up or even throwing up is a definite sign of a migraine headache.

4. Dizziness

Another sign of a migraine is feeling dizzy. If you are feeling dizzy or your vision is blurred, then this is yet another sign of a migraine, a very severe one at that. It would be a good idea to go to a doctor if you are feeling dizzy.

5. Fatigue

Finally, the last top symptom of a migraine headache is feeling tired. Often with a migraine, in addition to everything else, you will simply feel exhausted and feel the need to rest. This is of course a good idea, so you don’t make the migraine worse.

With that, I hope this list helped you to understand a bit better the difference between a simple headache and a full migraine headache. If you are having frequent migraine headaches, it may be best to go to a doctor. With a doctor’s help, you can figure out a medication that best suits you and finally say goodbye to those migraine headaches. Good luck!