When you have been told that you need physical therapy by your doctor, you will want to check out a few places before just going to any therapist. Have a consultation with the group you have chosen and make sure they know all about your diagnosis. They should give you a thorough exam and an evaluation of their own. They should then consult with your doctor and make sure their plan for your wellbeing agrees with your doctor’s.

Your physical therapy centreville va specialists are professionally trained to enhance your functional strength and mobility. Your personal therapist, during your evaluation, will look for all the fundamental reasons for your pain and discomfort. Your therapist will work with your doctor or surgeon to lesson or eliminate your pain, so you can return to your daily functions.

Soft Tissue Treatments

There are many different areas of the body in which people need physical therapy treatments. Therapists will be able to treat the soft tissues that cover the muscle with Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization techniques. Fascial and scar tissue can be treated by occupational and physical therapists with soft tissue instruments made of stainless steel. The instrument helps the patient to regain mobility in their joints. It is a non-invasive treatment which allows the therapist to treat areas with chronic inflammation and soft tissue fibrosis.

The instruments will give the therapist a chance to reach deep into the affected tissue area to make changes, without giving the patient more pain. The instruments help to break up scar tissue, as the therapists moves it across the patients affected area. Range of motion will be restored as the patient has more treatments. The therapy will eliminate or reduce adhered fibers. This therapy will help the patient’s body to change unhealthy soft tissue around the injury, to healthy strong functioning tissue.

Dry Needling

IMT or intramuscular manual therapy is when a therapist uses a needle to reach a myofascial trigger point. The trigger point is within the muscle and can be tender to the touch. Touching a trigger point can be extremely painful to other areas of the body.

The solid filament needle that is used, is not acupuncture. The therapist uses the needle to break through the skin, find a trigger point and relieve a patient’s pain. With this therapy, the patient’s overall functions will improve over time.

Dry needling cannot be done by just any therapist. Those therapists who do use dry needing have gone through extensive training. They learn to use hands-on therapy procedures that go along with the dry needling. They are not acupuncturists. The extra training allows them to do dry needling and still stay within the boundaries of their physical therapy practice.

Physical therapists have a goal of relieving pain and improving their patient’s range of motion. Dry needing helps them to deactivate trigger points, so the patient gets some relief. Dry needling also helps control non-functioning motor end plates, reduces the tension in the muscles and helps to control pain.