Migraine Surgery, Do You Really Need It?

It is said only the people who share the migraine pain could understand its severeness.

There are around 10% of the whole American population who have been troubled by migraine headache attacks during certain age of their life. Most migraine sufferers are women. We have seen quite some characters on sitcoms who claim they have got a migraine headache and need some rest. It is so hard for most men to understand the pain, some migraine sufferers have to bear the name “drama queen”. That is so unfair.

Maybe that is why there are so many people seeking the ultimate migraine cure. But unlike other chronic disease, migraine usually happened during a certain age ,most happened to those between 20 and 50, there are much less sufferers over 50 still worry about the pain.

If you are around 30, the last thing you would expect is letting the migraine standing in your career path. That is quite a strong reason for those people coming to their doctor for the migraine surgery.

Scientific research did show there are trigger areas where the alleged sensory nerves exist. The irritation of those nerves could lead to migraine headache attack.

One interesting thing is that we name it a “headache’ , but the trigger area is not located in the brain. The sensory nerves exist in 4 different parts under your face skin. Some migraine sufferers did a face lift surgery, the migraine pain become less severe or even disappears. That is when some migraine sufferer like to talk about the magical case, and the doctor found the 4 sensory part.

But, do you really need a migraine surgery? As we have mentioned, fewer people suffered the pain when they are over 50. Besides, the migraine natural cure methods work very well in preventing the migraine on a daily basis. When necessary there are also the migraine meds coming to help.

There are not enough cases of migraine surgery to give a clear answer whether it helps easing the pain effectively. We still do not know whether the claimed disappearance of the migraine is temporary or not, and whether there are some side effects after the surgery.

You should really think twice about your life and career before you made the decision to take the migraine surgery. Your doctor should provide you with more detailed information about the surgery.