Migraine – Check on Your Headache

You have suffered many headaches in your life. When you start wondering if your ordinary headache is something more then just a pain you should look at your symptoms a little bit closer. If you have had migraines for a few years, you know exactly what you can expect from the sickness. If not, try to examine your own pain.

Classic migraine has typical symptoms and you can easily find out more about them below. However sometimes it happens that there might appear extraordinary signs. Finding out about your headache can help ease the pain.

The aura of seeing flashing lights for longer then few minutes is the first sign of a migraine. After that the pain begins. This aura usually intrudes your vision and can lead to vomiting. It is very common symptoms of the migraine headache but not everyone has it. But whoever has that feeling can be sure their headache problems are strictly connected to a migraine. Also when your pain is situated on the one side of the head it points out a migraine is present. But sometimes people have a migraine on both sides of their head.

Migraine headaches make most of the people very sensitive on external factors. Light, smell and sounds intensify the pain of the headache. Migraine headache doesn’t go very quickly. That is very big difference from ordinary headache, you can suffer migraine for few hours and sometimes even for days. Sometimes sufferer point out on extra symptoms such as diarrhea or problems with speech.

If you suspect that your headache is more then ordinary pain, you should consult that with your doctor. You will get proper treatment and examination of your head.

Knowledge of your migraines will help you to lead more normal life.