Kitchens are a part of the house wherein the preparation and creation of food occurs, making it an important part of any house. The dining area is always close to the kitchen and sometimes, it is part of the kitchen. It is typically equipped with a stove, sink, refrigerator, and numerous cabinets for storing both food and kitchen utensils. In modern times, every house has a kitchen. This evolved from the idea of our primitive ancestors as they used to cook their food in an open fire. This idea was adapted then thus, the kitchen was made.

The creation of food inside a kitchen is done in a systematic way, unlike in prehistoric times; men simply hunt wild animals, chop them up for food, and then roast them on an open fire. Inside the kitchen, the magic of cooking food happens. Cooking food is important since eating raw meat is not healthy. Cooking is done so that the food is, in a way, being “sanitized” and it also makes the food taste better. Who would not want to eat delicious food anyway?
Most kitchens are farther than the norm of a regular kitchen. The usual stove, refrigerator, and sink is just considered as the core of a kitchen. In today’s time, appliances such as microwave ovens, bread toasters, coffee mixers, and even television sets, are tossed in and considered as integrals of a kitchen. Having numerous electrical appliances do not highlight the importance of having a kitchen, what matters most is that the kitchen can still perform its primary duty as a place for cooking food.

A kitchen is usually located next to the dining area, but there are houses wherein the two are the same. This is usually the case in a family that does not rely on having servants at home. This is done so that the family can cook together and after that, eat together which healthy for the family and a great bonding experience.
The kitchen’s importance and structure evolved from a being a simple bonfire outside of a tent to a fully electrical equipped room made for the sole purpose of cooking food, but the significance of having a kitchen could not be simply expressed in words. Kitchens are deemed to be the heart of every home as every family can cook or eat together here, giving them a healthy stomach as well as a happy heart. As most people would say, the family that eats together stays together.Kuliner kota Malang