Home Remedies for Migraine

If you are suffering from migraine pains there are not many options to deal with migraine pain usually. In fact, if we look around there are not many effective prescription medicines also. However there are few effective home remedies for Migraine which can be helpful in treating migraine problem. Let us look at few of the remedies available.

1. Importance of nose in migraine control

The sensation in the nose affects the brain and its functioning. The reason for this is there is direct and deeper connection of the nerves of the nose and the brain. So we can send positive signals from the nose to the brain more easily. Since migraine pains are associated with region of the brain affected, we can easily take some steps to calm down the brain and in turn get relief in migraine and other headaches.

Here is a home made oil concoction

Take the following – Ajwain Sat (Solidified extract of carom seed oil), Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) and Pepermint 10 grams each. Add 10 cc of eucalyptus oil and add 2.5 cc of clove oil in it. Now this oil can be inhale or applied on the forehead. Keep this mixture in a clean bottle and use it whenever required.

2. Mud Therapy

Take fine and clean clay and make paste with fresh water. Apply it on the forehead for 45 minutes to one hour. This will ease the migraine pain. In case you suffer from acidity that can also cause headaches. In that case you should also apply clay paste on the abdomen region.

3. Eucalyptus Leaves Paste

Make a paste of eucalyptus leaves. Apply this paste to your forehead and lie down for some time. Soon you would get relief from the migraine pain.

4. Acupressure Therapy for Migraine

Acupressure can also be an effective solution for migraine problem. There are various points in the body which can be pressed for 3 to 5 minutes each. Some of these points are on the tips of fingers, especially the ring finger tips on both hands and the corresponding finger on the toes.

5. Yogic Breathing Technique

Alternative nostril breathing known as anulom vilom is another good way to get rid of all headaches, migraine problems and diseases of ear, nose and the nervous system.

Following the above tip would definitely provide relief from migraine and help you to lead a normal life.