Facts About Migraine

There is so much material floating out there about the common migraine. This makes it so hard for one to tell which of all of it is true. This kind of confusion is the type of thing that can keep you from getting the proper treatment that you need. Below are a couple of truths as well as common beliefs about the common migraine.

Migraines do not exist, it is just the sufferer over reacting to their normal headache: FALSE

Migraines do exist. They are a real biological disorder. The pain can radiate to other regions of your upper body like the neck or shoulders. The pain will however be the most painful around the head region.

The cause of migraines is undetermined. There is really no proof yet of the underlying causes of a migraine headache but there are many theories about it. Things like light and noise can increase the risk of getting a migraine but they are not the ones that caused it.

FACT – The symptoms of a migraine headache vary from one individual to the next. This is what gives specialists such a rough time trying to pinpoint whether the condition really is a migraine headache or some other sort of headache like a cluster headache.

A migraine headache cannot be cured once and for all. It can still recur even after many years of being in absentia. The only thing that can be done is the treatment of the symptoms that come from the migraine.

Migraines are a type of headaches that occurs only in women: FALSE. The ratio among the people who are suffering from migraines is 3:1 with women being 66% more vulnerable to migraines than men.

Migraines are headaches that only adults get: FALSE. Migraines stem from tension and stress which are more common during adulthood. Children however do also get them.