Eye Migraine – Reasons of the Silent Migraine

Eye migraine is a migraine form that is classified as the casual aura of migraine wherein the sufferer is experiencing visual disturbances’ symptoms such as partial blindness, eye numbness, blurred vision, difficulty in distinguishing and hallucinations. These visual symptoms are called migraine aura. It occurs before the migraine symptoms begin to appear. Silent migraine can occur without a headache pain so it called an equivalent headache.

The causes of the silent migraine are similar to the normal migraine causes. It can be caused by the rapid narrowing and swelling of vessels of the blood. The blood cells can be clogged due to the excessive sections that produced by the nerve fiber in the brain. These brain reactions are due to the man involvement on several harmful thins such as the following:

Reasons of the silent migraine:

1- Lack of exercise

2- Irregular sleep

3- Emotional, physical or mental stress

4- Tensions and pressures

5- Hormonal changes

6- Engaging in stressful activities

7- Eating foods with mono sodium glutamate, tyramine and other preservatives

8- Frequent smoking and drinking

9- Bright lights

10- Loud sounds

11- Unbalanced diet

The silent migraine symptoms include auditory, natural, visual and sensory symptoms. The symptoms of the visual disturbances are events that affect the vision and occur in eyes. Sensory and auditory symptoms are those that affect the hearing and sensation capabilities of the patients. The eye migraine natural symptoms include fears, tensions and anxieties. The most common symptoms of the silent migraine are the aura.

There are many symptoms happen before the occurrence of the silent migraine includes: zigzag lines in the sight, flashing lights’ appearance, blurredness, sighting blind spots, light sensitivity, visual hallucinations and eyeballs pain. Eye migraine also includes many auditory symptoms include hearing unusual voices and sounds. Other eye migraine symptoms include smelling strange scents, numbness feeling, weakness, unsteadiness, the feeling of being separated from the body, excessive saliva, gustatory hallucinations and inability to understand or speak.