Buy Vitamin D – This Vitamin Can Help Protect You From Pandemic Swine Flu

Vitamin D is one of the most talked about vitamins right now as the world is dealing with the onset of what is being called, a potential pandemic, of the swine flu. The evidence is mounting about the value of adding vitamin D to the diet. Now may be the time to buy vitamin D and start supplementing your diet with what could just be a powerful swine flu pandemic prevention strategy. 

The Swine Flu, or H1N1 has it is now called, is going to be at the forefront of the news for many months. A pandemic has been predicted and we are already starting to see emergency rooms overflowing with people suffering from the flu. 

The vaccine for the swine flu has started arriving at most Doctor’s offices and clinics, and they are now in the first phases of starting the vaccinating process. Many people are leery of vaccines in general, but especially of this new vaccine that has very little history or testing behind it. A recent survey of parents found that only 40% have intentions of getting their children vaccinated against the swine flu. 

There are natural methods of boosting the body’s immunity to the flu. These natural methods can make your bout of the flu less severe, if you do come down with it. It is foolish to just do nothing and hope you will not have to fight off a potentially serious year for a potential swine flu pandemic.

Evidence seems to be mounting for the power of Vitamin D in preventing the flu. Studies are showing that low vitamin D levels in the body are linked to higher incidence of colds and flu. This also may explain why there are very few outbreaks of the flu in the warmer, sunny summer months. Our bodies take in vitamin D from the sun, but in the winter our exposure goes down and the cold and flu season sets in. 

Our diet cannot provide enough vitamin D to optimize immune function. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin D is 200 IUs for adults and 400 IUs for kids. This is only enough to prevent rickets, but is not nearly enough to boost our immune systems.

Optimal levels of Vitamin D in the body are above 50 ng/ml. It is a good idea to have your levels checked and supplement accordingly to get your levels up. Adults can use 5,000 IUs per day, children 2,000 IUs per day for 3 months, and then have the levels checked again by a doctor.