About Health Problems Related to Different Vitamin Deficiencies

There are many common and severe health problems related to deficiency of Vitamins in our body. When our body does not get enough of them as it needs, problems occur.

Our body is very self sufficient and can produce majority of all what it needs for its functioning. However, our body cannot produce them. These are needed for the daily functions of the body, for health and proper growth of the body.

These different types that are present in varied quantities in different food items. It is very important to consume a balanced diet in order to consume all in the required quantity for a healthy body.

The fat solubles get stored in the fat tissues and liver and are used when needed by the body. However, the water soluble ones do not get stored, and excessive quantity is passed out through urine. Thus, these needs to be replaced every day!

However, when we fail to replace them, our body starts facing various health problems due to their deficiency.

Vitamin A: It is used by many body parts and its deficiency can cause acnes, allergies, loss of appetite, night blindness and even blindness. Lack of it weakens the body’s immune system and body’s invaders fighting capacity.

It is found in fish, milk, liver, asparagus, apricots, broccoli, sweet potato, etc.

Vitamin B complex: Loss of appetite, high cholesterol, hair loss, anaemia, hyper tension, and many more health problems can be caused by its deficiency.

It is found in nuts, whole cereals like wheat, oatmeal, etc, brown rice, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, etc.

Vitamin C: It is found in Citrus fruits, beef liver, and in many vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potato, etc.

Its deficiency can cause anaemia, bleeding gums, scurvy, muscle degeneration, and shortness of breath.

Try to add as much of the above mentioned food items to your daily meals to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Proper consumption of all the vitamins will combat all the above mentioned health problems and will leave you fighting fit.