A healthy and balanced diet is one of the most important elements for maintaining health. Eating an unhealthy and balanced diet can lead to various health problems, such as obesity and malnutrition.

Generally, the characteristics of healthy food are foods that do not contain preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers, and food is processed in the right way. In addition, healthy food must also contain balanced nutrition for each family member because the nutritional needs of each person are different, depending on the age and activities carried out by each person.

Today, modern lifestyles make it difficult for us to eat foods that are good for the body. Fast food is very practical, but contains a lot of bad cholesterol is now widely consumed. Moreover, these foods are considered to taste better than healthy foods.

In fact, this is not good because unhealthy food can trigger the risk of diabetes, increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, to trigger heart disease. It would be better if Realfoodfam eats lots of foods high in antioxidants which are good for the health of the body .

In the midst of our daily grind, preparing a balanced nutritional meal may be quite a hassle. Then, how should we choose healthy food for the family? Here are tips on how to choose healthy foods to eat.

1. Pay attention to the nutritional value of each food ingredient

When shopping for food products, both heavy meals and snacks, Realfoodfam should read the nutritional value information listed on the product packaging. If you buy fresh food ingredients or food that does not include nutritional value information, Realfoodfam can find out the nutritional value content on the internet.

Realfoodfam should also pay attention to the calorie , fat, and vitamin content in every food product purchased. Knowing the nutritional content of food is very important to plan a balanced nutritional diet.

2. Vary the Way of Processing Food

By eating a variety of foods, the body will receive and digest nutrients better. In addition, Realfoodfam and family will not feel bored because the food menu is just the same.

If one of the family members is a picky eater, aka often picky about food, providing a variety of foods is the right choice. Realfoodfam can also try to process food in a different way.

However, Realfoodfam should limit fried foods because saturated fat can potentially cause cholesterol and obesity.

3. Don’t Forget to Healthy Eat Fibrous Foods

Fiber is one of the most needed nutrients by the body. Fiber serves to help the process of digestion of food that has been consumed. Lack of fiber consumption can cause constipation and indigestion.

Fiber can be found in many types of vegetables, especially green vegetables and fruits. In order not to get bored, choose a new type of vegetable or fruit every week. For example, if this week Realfoodfam eats spinach and papaya, choose cabbage and mango in the following week as a variety of food menu.

4. Consume Instant and Fast Food Carefully

Realfoodfam can still eat instant food or fast food, but it is consumed carefully with balanced fresh food. Fast food should not be consumed often so as not to endanger health. Realfoodfam can only consume it at certain times.

5. Do Weekly Meal Menu Planning

By planning a food menu, Realfoodfam will avoid hungry eyes when shopping for groceries. Menu planning will make you focus on the ingredients that really need to be purchased and according to the nutritional needs of family members.

Before ordering food, Realfoodfam must know the nutritional content of the instant or fast food that will be consumed. Make sure the nutritional value is in accordance with daily nutritional needs.

As a reference for planning food menus, Realfoodfam can visit sites such as Tastes Better from Scratch or watch The Doctor’s Diet Youtube channel . It is also recommended that Realfoodfam consult a nutritionist to get the right recommendations. Try reading the Balanced Diet Guidelines table to find out the answer.

To increase the family’s immune system, Realfoodfam can join the Realfood Royal Wellness 12 Day Program as well as Realfood Stay Fit which is specially formulated for health and contains swallow nest extract which is beneficial for the body.

So, after reading 5 tips for choosing healthy food for your family, Realfoodfam is getting more and more enthusiastic about preparing healthy food every day, right? For the sake of your family, always pay attention to how to choose healthy food.