If you’re fed up with dealing with pesky body hair, you may want to consider whether electrolysis is right for you. This treatment, which involves permanently inhibiting targeted hair growth, is becoming more popular and today is available in central Manhattan electrolysis New York NY and even more remote areas. However, before you book your first session, there are a few important things you should know. Take a look.

1. It’s FDA Approved

Electrolysis is a hair removal method that is generally carried out with medical devices that use heat or chemical energy to destroy a hair’s growth center. Unlike any other method of hair removal, electrolysis is actually FDA-approved and is the only permanent system of hair removal! This means that unlike typical laser hair removal, with electrolysis, you can rest assured the process is done.

2. It Works for All Skin Types and Tones

Some other hair removal methods might not work for you depending on your skin type or tone. For instance, if you have darker skin or hair, the laser might not be quite as effective for you as people with lighter-colored hair. However, with electrolysis, you can feel confident in your chances of good results, regardless of your skin type.

3. It Can Be Cost Effective

While electrolysis may involve more of a cost to you up front, it could potentially save you far more money over the long run that you would have spent on other hair removal products, such as razors, shaving cream or wax. Additionally, feeling smooth and hair-free can boost your happiness and confidence levels, which alone is priceless.

If dealing with unwanted bodily hair has taken up enough of your time, energy and hard-earned money, consider a more permanent solution with electrolysis. With these key facts in mind, you can feel confident about making the right choice for your body.