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One of the important things that you should prepare when going to carry out the wedding reception is catering. With the growing presence of catering companies makes you more difficult to choose catering for weddings. In choosing catering, you should not be playful and haphazard. Because choosing can make you in trouble. It could be the cost you have to spend is not in accordance with the initial agreement, the food is not tasty or stale and the service of the catering officers are less satisfactory.

You definitely do not want your wedding party that should be smooth to be messy or not as you expects because of a small problem like this. Therefore, you should be really careful when going to choose a caterer that will be used for receptions for your wedding reception. Here are some tips on choosing a catering for a wedding:

define budget

Each catering must have a menu and a different price. In addition, they also have certain food packages. If you are going to have a reception with a few guests, we recommend using a package per table. But if you want to hold a reception with a lot of guests, you should use a buffet type that uses the price per plate. Do not forget to always ask the cost.

Food menu held

Before determining the catering to be used, you should find out the menu of food from some catering. That way, you can determine the best food menu that you will choose.

The way they serve food

If your preferred catering location is far from where you are going to take the reception, you should ask them how long it will take and how it will reach the reception area. Make sure that the food is served on time.

Facilities to be provided

If you choose the catering provided by the place where you will be doing the reception, you no longer need to provide tableware, tablecloth and table decorations. But if not, make sure that the caterer you use will provide all of these things. After choosing a caterer that you will use, do not forget to always coordinate with them. This is to prevent misunderstandings and unwanted things during the event.