Why Are There so Few Organs Available in the Pool of Donations?

Lahey Hospital and other organizations have explored ways to maximize the available organs. The lack of organs has created staggering limitations in the people that can be saved. Though the organ priority list maximizes saving lives, there are still practical limits and too few organs to save everyone.

By bringing in more donated organs, more lives can be saved. This begs a valuable question- why aren’t there more? Lahey Hospital strives to offer realistic and grounded information about health to patients, and this is one of those areas.

Why are There so few Organs?

Many individuals die due to some kind of organ failure, such as cancer. This invalidates them as a potential donor due to the high-risk involved. Other individuals die through a certain manner that invalidates their organs. No creativity or further explanation is needed here. The manner in which they died can make donation unreasonable.

When Organs Can Be Donated

Organ donation is revered and sought in only a few deaths due to these various circumstances. Organ donation is applied when an individual died due to a brain injury of some kind. This could include a stroke. It is also possible for a donation to occur if a patient died from a heart attack or other type of heart-related illness. The patient is subsequently preserved quickly, which keeps their organs in standing condition for a donation. Discover more on Lahey Hospital Facebook today.

There is also the matter of being a registered donor. A patient in the best of circumstances cannot be a donor if they were not registered as a donor in their life. It is estimated that only about 3% of all deaths in the United States could lead to eligibility in a donation. it is important for all patients to take a serious look at these numbers.

There can always be more. Lahey Hospital and the staff members recognize the heroism and wonder of many people who have donated organs in the building. They have saved the lives of someone- not necessarily a loved one, either. More organs can be found through individuals who are a designated donor. Lahey Hospital also encourages individuals to explore donating their organ and to learn more.