What Does It Take To Become a Hair Stylist?

Many people grow up with a passion for styling their friends’ and siblings’ hair. A deep interest and basic experience in doing hair, however, is not enough to enter this field professionally. Consider a few key facts that may help you determine whether a career in cosmetology is right for you and how you can pursue this line of work.

Job Opportunities

Professional hair stylists can take on a number of roles. For one, you may choose to work in a hair salon Westchester County NY. In this case, you may either be an employee of the salon or a self-employed partner. If you choose to be your own boss, you would pay the salon a fee to use the space. As you gain experience, you may even decide to invest in your own space by opening up an entirely new salon. Importantly, being a hair stylist is more than simply producing beautiful results. It is also essential that you enjoy working with people and engaging in conversation.


Entering the field of cosmetology necessitates attending a specialized educational program. These programs generally include both classroom-style and hands-on learning. There are many schools of cosmetology located throughout the country, and some are even offered to high school students. In your classes, you may learn to carry out various styling techniques, such as coloring, cutting, and adding texture to hair. You may also gain knowledge about important health codes and safety issues.


Finally, each state has different requirements when it comes to certifying hair stylists, but they all mandate that candidates pass an exam. In some cases, this test will include both written and practical portions.

For people who enjoy working with their hands and adding beauty to the world, styling hair may be an excellent career choice. Consider looking into cosmetology programs near you to get started on this rewarding path.