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Best Septic System Maintenance

No one can underrate the importance of a septic system in homes, but there is a worrying trend in the rate at which septic systems get damaged. Failure to maintain the septic system can lead to other grievous problems that could be costly to fix and therefore, it is crucial to avoid such a scenario. Below are some of the measures that you can take to ensure that you have a good septic system that is not exposed to various dangers.

Having an excellent landscape can contribute significantly towards keeping a perfect septic system. Your septic tank should be positioned at a place that does not have water accumulation that could affect it in time of torrential downpours. Just above the tank, you are free to do other activities, but the activities must not involve the use of heavy machinery such a garage to keep vehicles as they can exert lots of pressure on the tank underneath. Direct groundwater so that it does not flow into the septic tank region. Avoid areas with big trees which might have strong and deep roots that can penetrate the walls of the septic tank. Avoid areas with high soil erosion rate.

Most people are not aware that chemical products can cause severe damages to septic systems and therefore, they dispose the chemical substances into the system oblivious to the potential destruction. Gasoline, paints, oils, varnish and other harmful substances have active compounds that can react with the septic tank wall and damage it, or the substances can be hazardous to groundwater. Additionally, the chemicals can pollute underground water and make it unfit for human consumption. Seeking advice from waste chemical disposal experts is recommendable, and they will show you environmentally friendly ways of chemical disposal.

Many people assume that they can dispose almost anything into the septic system and they use it as a garbage can and that damages the septic system in the long run. As a homeowner, you might be doing the right things to maintain your septic system but some visitor may not be aware of that, and it is up to you to inform them not to dispose of cigarettes, coffee grounds, sanitary napkins and paper towels. Avoid dumping of cigarette remains, sanitary towels, paper towels, and coffee grounds into the septic system.

Not all cleaning products are best for the septic system because some of the can damage the components. Apart from killing bacteria and other germs, some cleaning products elongate decomposition of solid wastes. This can be dangerous and can damage the septic system, and therefore, you must exercise caution when selecting the right cleaning products. Do not flush food leftover down the system because when they decompose, they can damage the system and they can also block the pipes. Regulate your water usage as excessive water can weaken the tank in the long run.

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