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Considerations to Make When Choosing a Moving Company

Moving can be a big hassle, especially if you have lots of stuff to take along with you. You need pack your things, find a truck rental, load and unload your stuff, drive to your new place – all of these can be mentally and physically draining. Of course, you always have the option to hire professionals so you don’t have to do them yourself.

The only problem is when you pick the wrong mover. All of them will say they are the best, but it’s only you and other consumers who can decide on that. To be sure that your belongings will be in safe hands, consider the following before committing to any moving company:

Your Budget

First off, how much are you happy to spend on moving services? Everything you make them do will add to your bill, so factor that in. With a rather limited budget, you’ll have to strike a balance between quality, convenience and cost. That means you may have to do some of the tasks yourself – the easiest ones at least – and let the moving company take care of the rest. Also, ask for two or three different quotes from different movers and make price comparisons.

Distance to be Traveled

Moving long distance means you have to consider two key points – the cost of your move and the movers you can choose from. Some local companies only move within the state. If you’ve moving to another state, book their services ahead of time so you can ensure their availability.


A lot of moving companies will only pay you a fraction of the value of your things when they get broken or stolen. Regardless of their insurance coverage details, what’s important is you know. If you think their coverage is inadequate, you can get additional insurance.

General Reputation

It’s one thing to know how much you’re covered for your things, and it’s another to know if a mover has a reputation for stealing or breaking items. Research online and pay attention to reviews on third-party websites. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Another sign of their reputation might be how long they’ve been providing professional moving services. Remember, a disreputable company usually doesn’t stay long in the industry


Finally, ask your prospective mover for references. Don’t listen to excuses. If it seems like a big deal for them, be suspicious. If they are honest and provide good service, they should be enthusiastic about letting you connect with their old customers. Otherwise, they’re clearly hiding something.

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