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Tips on choosing wedding party menu

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Marriage is one of the most important moments in life. Many things must be prepared to meet all the needs of the party, including preparing the wedding menu. In the minds of the guests, a wedding party is synonymous with good eating. Serving good food is important because usually, people will judge the success of a wedding party from the food.

  1. Customize menu with wedding themes

Is your wedding party themed traditional or international? If your wedding is a traditional theme, you can serve the menu with dominated by regional food such as meatballs.  You can also use traditional tableware to taste more nuance.

  1. Determine the amount of food

Determining the portion of food is one of the important things in preparing the wedding menu. The amount of food should be prepared more than the invited guest’s list.

  1. Provide varied menu

Choose a menu with a variety of types. Do not let you provide a meal that is all-around meat, all-fish, or all-around vegetables. Varied foods certainly make invited guests feel interested. Provide a variety of cuisine so that guests can choose the food that suits their tastes.

  1. Select the most favored menus

Choose a menu that is generally familiar to people, In addition, you should also provide foods that are not troublesome when eaten, because many people who prefer a practical food. Avoid the menu like fish or ribs because it will make the guests bother to remove the thorn or bone from the meat. For guests, especially women, food like this can also damage the lipstick.