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Tips for choosing lipstick for wedding

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Do not underestimate the lipstick for your wedding day. There are many factors that need to be considered to choose the ideal lipstick. The selection of the right lipstick will perfect the makeup. However, mistakes in choosing lipstick can also damage the appearance. Here are tips that do not choose a wrong lipstick for the wedding.

Define focus on face makeup

before applying makeup, you need to decide which face area will be the focus of makeup. Part of the lips, the eyes, or other facial parts, select only one of them. Giving a prominent impression on the focus of making up more than one will give the impression of a minor or excessive on your face. For example, you want to look eye smokes eyes, it’s good to choose a lipstick with a nude color. But if you want a natural eye then you need emphasis with a lighter lipstick color.

Choose a durable lipstick type

you will survive during the wedding reception event. Hot weather and a long time will make the lipstick color fade. Therefore, choose a durable lipstick type.

Select the lipstick and touch

there are several types of options for the finishing touches of your lips. You can choose the type of matte, frosty, or glossy. Matte will create more solid lips look. As for the effect of luster or shine on the lips use glossy type. For those of you who want to give the impression of glamor, frosty is the type that is suitable to be applied.

Find suitable inspiration

there are many ways and references you can do to choose a suitable lipstick. You can seek inspiration through magazines, websites, or ask for friend recommendations. After that, please disconnect the matching and comfortable for your lips.

Try the overall makeup

before choosing a lipstick for your wedding day, it’s good to try the lipstick with the whole makeup to be used. Take a photo to see how you will look and compare which one is right for you.