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The Dangers of Contact Lenses for the Eyes

The danger of contact lenses for the eyes has not been widely known by the wearer of the contact lens itself. Some use contact lenses because they need it or as a substitute for glasses, some are wearing contact lens only for style alone. It is unfortunate if wearing contact lenses for the eyes just to look more stylish alone without knowing the dangers of contact lenses. Can we see now, to beautify the eyes of both women and men who use softlens in both eyeballs. Lots of patterns of lavish softlens adorned with attractive colors make anyone fall in love and want to wear them.

Currently there are types of eye diseases some of which are minus, plus and also the cylinder so have to wear glasses, Before wearing softlens replacement glasses it is worth considering both the good and bad of the softlens. The following are the dangers of contact lenses for the eyes to watch out for:

1. Irritation and Red Eye

To avoid the danger of minus without glasses people want to use softlens or contact lenses. That’s because they feel uncomfortable and not confident if you have to use glasses that interfere with appearance. Irritation is caused by the presence of foreign objects attached to the eyeball and cause irritation. Red and dry eyes are also experienced by many people who experience irritation due to softlens. Therefore, people who use softlens are required to bring contact lenses eye contact lenses so that their eyes do not become dry.

2. Infection

The use of softlens is mostly used to reduce eye symptoms minus without using glasses. Unfortunately the use of the wrong softlens and do not know how to care for it will make users experience various kinds of eye problems. If the eye is only irritated, the eyeball will not experience any problems as long as the irritation can be overcome. But if the case has become an eye infection will cause scars in the cornea of ​​the eye. Because the infection occurs mostly attack the retina. The infection also causes itching because the germs have entered into the cornea of ​​the eye so it would be very dangerous rubbed the eyes using your dirty hands. Germs and bacteria will multiply in the eyes.

3. Leukoma

The severe impact of using contact lenses that are already infected is experiencing leukoma. Leukoma is a white pedicab like porcelain in the cornea of ​​the eye. Leukoma is the effect of infection in the eye and caused by softlens. White spots like the proliferation of luster from a distance will be in one of the corneas or in both corneas. The emergence of leukoma in the cornea of ​​the eye can cause disorder in patients.

4. Nebula

The mild effects of eye infections caused by softlens are nebulae. Most infections are present in the cornea so the nebula will also attack the eyes. This nebula is different from leukoma, the difference is that leukoma can be seen from a distance while the corneal turbidity nebula can be seen from close range.

5. Conjunctivitis

The danger of contact lenses for the next important eye is the occurrence of conjunctivitis. Another consequence of eye softlens is the occurrence of conjunctivitis. This disease is the emergence of inflammation in the conjunctiva caused by bacteria or viruses in the softlens or because the hands are filled with bacteria and germs. Inflammation that occurs in patients with conjunctivitis is in the mucous membrane of the eye, causing the eyes to become swollen even to the affected corneas damage. The main symptoms that will be experienced by people who experience this disease is the presence of a wedge such as exposure of foreign objects in the eye, around the eyes pain, swelling of the eyes and also the appearance of itching in the eyes.

6. Causing Corneal Ulcer

Do you know what is a corneal ulcer ?, corneal ulcers is the discovery of open wounds on the cornea in the outermost layer. This can happen to people who use contact lenses throughout the day or exceed the time limit of eye contact lens wear. People suffering from corneal ulcers should not see the sun directly because the dangers of seeing the sun directly for corneal ulcer patients is going to cause the eyes to become unbearable pain.

7. The Eyeball Shape Changes

People who wear contact lenses for a long time and are firmly attached to the cornea can cause the shape of the eyeball to change.