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The benefits of palm sugar for health

Palm sugar is one type of natural sugar made using natural ingredients from palm fruit. Palm sugar is one of the favorite consumption of the people of Indonesia, and became the basic ingredients in the manufacture of food and beverages in Indonesia.

Palm sugar is known as a natural sweetener because it comes from natural ingredients and safe to be consumed by the body. Benefits of Palm Sugar For Health, Beauty, Overcoming Ulcer, Diabetes etc. The content contained in palm sugar has several important nutritional supplements for the body. Palm sugar has a sweet and legit taste. Palm sugar is low in calories so as not to cause obesity.

The benefits of palm sugar

1. For Maag

Ulcer is a symptom that occurs in the stomach, where the stomach condition is injured in the wall of the stomach. The main cause because of poor lifestyle, such as excessive consumption of pepper, or consumption of foods that are too sour.

Other causes of bacteria called H. pylori that decrease gastric walls, which if left unchecked can be harmful to the health of the stomach organs. Consumption of palm sugar was believed to be able to overcome ulcer disease, it is because the content such as macro and micronutrients.

Some studies have found that the content of palm sugar is Thiamine (vitamin B1), Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Nicotinic Acid (vitamin B3), Pyridoxin (vitamin B6), Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), Ascorbic Acid which inhibits the growth of viral ulcer, and neutralize high gastric acid.

How to mix sugar palm for ulcer medicine
Provide 1/4 palm sugar-sized circle glass, brewed with warm water and stirred until the sugar melts. After that, drink while warm.

2. Enhancer

Palm sugar has a calorie content, although it is not high. However, precisely because of the high calorie content is, which is the surplus of palm sugar. Excessive caloric intake can become fat in the body.

Despite having a calorie that is not high, palm sugar can still provide sufficient energy and energy. Not a few mountain climbers who bring provisions of palm sugar to increase energy and energy, where climbing the mountain is very tiring. With the consumption of palm sugar, also able to increase endurance or stamina.

3. Prevent anemia

Palm sugar can prevent the occurrence of anemia, this is because in the palm sugar there is a high enough iron content, which benefits can prevent blood deficiency (anemia).

Iron content has the ability to increase the production of red blood cells, so it can treat and prevent anemia. Some symptoms caused by anemia that the body feels weak, tired easily, lethargic, susceptible to disease, and not excited.

Anti-oxidant compounds in palm sugar are useful to counteract various kinds of free radicals that attack the body. Thus, consume palm sugar efficacious prevent anemia and ward off free radicals.

4. Streamlining the blood circulation

Palm sugar has high iron content. The iron content has a function to increase the production of red blood cells. That way, because of high in iron, palm sugar can overcome or prevent anemia.

In the palm sugar, has a chemical element that works to launch the circulatory system. It is important that the function and performance of all the organs of the body to be maximal. In addition, it also boosts the immune system. With the smooth flow of blood in your body, the body is able to avoid various problems and health problems.

Some problems from the inhibition of blood circulation in the body (not smooth) that oxygen supply to the brain is reduced, resulting in decreased concentration and thinking power Heart work becomes more severe, which can trigger heart failure Blood supply to various organs is not optimal, which Resulting in problems in the organs of the body. The body feels tired, weak and not excited. Increased risk of cardiovascular disease