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Tips on choosing a bridal gown

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All women would want to look gorgeous at their wedding moment. Therefore, choosing a wedding dress is the most important element for you to look beautiful perfectly on your wedding day. If you do not want to be wrong in choosing, here are some things to note, as quoted from the site all women stalk.

  1. Budget

    buying a wedding dress requires considerable expenditure. Even sometimes make you spend more money. So before deciding to buy it up to spend half the wedding budget, better think back your decision maturely. Keep in mind that, dresses with an expensive price is not necessarily suitable when worn with you.

  2. Being yourself

    choose a wedding dress that really shows your personality, but with a touch more glamorous than usual. If you like bright colors, just wear a wedding dress with a palette that you love.

  3. Choose a possible practical dress

    often a beautiful looking wedding dress is not necessarily practical to use. On your wedding day, there will be plenty of activities like dancing with the groom, welcoming to invited guests and also other activities that will be a lot of draining. Therefore, you should choose a practical wedding dress to wear.

  4. Fit with body shape

    often we force to buy clothes that actually do not fit our body size just because to look beautiful. In fact, the clothes that do not fit with our body shape, making the display to be unsightly.

  5. Comfortable material

    the material is one of the important factors in choosing the right wedding dress. If you have sensitive skin, stay away from materials such as lace, with fur accents or other materials that can make an allergic reaction to your body. Similarly, choose ingredients that easily absorb sweat and comfortable worn either day or night.

  6. Color selection

    any custom chose in a happy day, whether traditional or modern, remember to adjust the color of the dress with your skin.

  7. In accordance with the marriage location

    if you have an outdoor event, be it in the park or near the beach, choose a wedding dress that will be easy to wear on your happy day. Choose a lightweight material and also length in order to facilitate your space.


Tips on Buying Wedding Rings

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Your marriage is getting closer but you and your partner are still confused in choosing a wedding ring. Choosing and buying wedding rings is easy-peasy, especially this ring we will wear for life. Surely, we do not want to choose wrong. Here are some tips for choosing and buying wedding rings:

Do not rush in choosing wedding ring

because it turns out the search for a ring for you and your partner is not that easy you know. In order to reduce your confusion, you can start by determining what kind of ring style you and your partner want. After that start looking for a jewelry store that can accommodate both of you wish. Another reason you should start early is that most couples want their wedding rings to be engraved and the process takes several days.

Determine the budget

although the wedding ring is something you and your partner will wear forever, you still have to have a budget in your choice. The price of a ring made of yellow gold must be different from white gold, so if you want to add a diamond. Shop based on an agreed budget.

Do not get too many choices

sometimes the name of women likes crazy when it was invited to the store. Not infrequently many of the prospective bride to be mind-changing when it was invited to start looking for a wedding ring. Therefore we advise you to provide 3 options. Do not let your partner is bothered because you change thoughts constantly. Hehe.

Your rings and pairs do not have to be exact or uniform

If the old days may be the wedding ring must be exact or uniform. But there really is no necessity! If your prospective husband does not want to wear a gold ring and choose to use a platinum ring, why not? Do not let us force our desires so that makes couples become uncomfortable wearing them. Let him have his individual style!

Think for the long term

Maybe a wedding ring with a certain model is becoming a trend, but will the trend last up to 20-30 years ahead? We recommend that you choose a timeless model so you will never regret your decision later.

Prioritize practicality

the wedding ring will be worn forever by you and your partner, then you should also consider the reason for its practicality. We often meet couples who lose their wedding bands because they choose a complicated model that makes them uncomfortable and often releases the wedding ring. Finally? Missing the wedding ring.

Look for the appropriate size

not only your wedding dress that requires final fitting but your wedding ring too. Do you know the size of your finger can change? Therefore, we advise you not to try the wedding ring in the morning or after you exercise. Why morning? Because in the morning, your body still saves salt from the night before so that its size will become bigger! Daytime is the most appropriate time in trying wedding rings.


Tips on choosing a bridal makeup

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Bridal makeup is a very important element of marriage. How not, because the wedding day is a very special day and becomes the noble ideals of everyone. To appear fresh and prime wedding day, choose the perfect bridal makeup for you. With a makeup that is not only interesting but fits with your face, then perfect that awaited day. Choosing a bridal makeup is not easy, but you can ask for recommendations from some friends or colleagues who are experienced in this regard. Many people are concerned with the cheapness of makeup and not a few also eyeing makeup expensive to look beautiful and elegant on the day of marriage.
Here are some tips on choosing the right bridal makeup:

Seek references from various sources

you should ask a lot of friends or friends who are married or see the results themselves. Information from people you trust will be very helpful in choosing the bridal makeup and it is very important to give a different point of view. In addition, you also have a lot to find info through mass media such as magazines, newspapers, and internet that provide information about the makeup bride.

Do a bridal makeup test

make a makeup test, convey something you do not like the makeup. But there are some bridal makeup artists who refuse to provide bridal makeup tests for some reason. When this happens, try typing in another way. Ask to be dressed for a more relaxed occasion such as attending a friend’s wedding or birthday party. Indeed this step requires extra funds, but there’s nothing wrong to get the best results.

Say what you want

if you have already chosen the choice of bridal makeup, discuss it, convey your wishes about the bridal makeup you want. You can also see a collection of photos of the bridal makeup of the bride’s makeup. Make an appointment with the bridal makeup long before the day of h, because it is feared your wedding schedule will clash with the bride’s wedding schedule.

You can also bring samples of the bridal makeup that you like and usually the bridal makeup will give you the best information and input for you. No less important, you must be honest if you feel disagree with the input given bridal make up about bridal makeup delivered.

Watch the price

expensive bridal makeup is not necessarily the result of the make-up bride is also good. If you are keen to find a good bridal makeup with affordable price with your budget will certainly be a special satisfaction for you and your family.