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Danger Staying Up for Health

Until now there is no information that states that the effect of staying up is good for health. But on the contrary a lot of danger Stay Up For Health. Staying up can make the physical and mental condition worse. This is related to the benefits of sleep for your body.

When you sleep, your body will improve your physical and mental condition. Especially in adolescence, sleep is the moment in which the body releases growth hormone. This hormone will build muscle mass and repair damaged cell tissues.

Apart from excessive sleepiness and frequent yawning, sleep deprivation from staying up may also affect emotional states, cognitive abilities, and the brain can not function properly.

Usually one in three people who are sleep deprived is caused by office work brought home and stress. You need to know that, the effects of staying up in the body can increase the risk of severe illness, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

These are just some of the bad effects of staying up late, there are many more risks that accompany a person’s bad habits to stay up. Let’s discuss one of the bad effects below.

  1. Gain weight

Sleep deprivation is associated with increased appetite and increased hunger. There are studies that show that people who sleep less than six hours per day, 30% of them tend to be fatter than people who sleep for 7-9 hours per day. If you want to gain the ideal weight in this way, of course, it’s a big mistake to think that staying up can lose weight.

  1. Skin looks older

When staying up the growth hormone will be produced less than the hormone cortisol. The hormone cortisol is a stress hormone, by staying up this hormone will experience more release than normal circumstances. The nature of this hormone is to break collagen in the skin, but collagen is a very good protein for the skin, the function of this collagen is to work smooth the skin and make it elastic.
Lack of sleep due to stay up can also cause swollen eyes and pale skin. The effects of chronic sleep deprivation can arise if the habit of staying up late you do. As a result, the lines of aging on the face will arise and make your skin look dull.

  1. It’s easy to forget

The brain will experience the process of “sharp wave ripples” when sleeping. This process is useful for memory retention. This process is also useful for transferring memory and memory to the neocortical portion of the brain that serves as a long-term storage space for memory. By staying awake all these processes will be hampered and the feeling of drowsiness increases, then in the end you become forgetful. To strengthen the memory of not being forgetful and improving memory, it is recommended that you stop the habit of staying up late. It is advisable to meet the needs of 7-9 hours of sleep a night, especially for those of you who are preoccupied with school activities and work.

  1. Decreases the ability to think

Power of reason, problem solving ability, and concentration can be reduced due to lack of sleep. And the ability to pay attention to something and the level of awareness will also decrease. The result of this is a tendency to be difficult to remember something that has been done or learned before, and difficult to learn efficiently.

  1. Lowering libido

One of the effects of staying up is the decline in libido levels. There is a study showing that men who suffer from sleep apnea have low testosterone levels. When you are sleep deprived, the body becomes tired, drowsy, the energy becomes exhausted, increases the tension, and on