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Tips for choosing lipstick for wedding

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Do not underestimate the lipstick for your wedding day. There are many factors that need to be considered to choose the ideal lipstick. The selection of the right lipstick will perfect the makeup. However, mistakes in choosing lipstick can also damage the appearance. Here are tips that do not choose a wrong lipstick for the wedding.

Define focus on face makeup

before applying makeup, you need to decide which face area will be the focus of makeup. Part of the lips, the eyes, or other facial parts, select only one of them. Giving a prominent impression on the focus of making up more than one will give the impression of a minor or excessive on your face. For example, you want to look eye smokes eyes, it’s good to choose a lipstick with a nude color. But if you want a natural eye then you need emphasis with a lighter lipstick color.

Choose a durable lipstick type

you will survive during the wedding reception event. Hot weather and a long time will make the lipstick color fade. Therefore, choose a durable lipstick type.

Select the lipstick and touch

there are several types of options for the finishing touches of your lips. You can choose the type of matte, frosty, or glossy. Matte will create more solid lips look. As for the effect of luster or shine on the lips use glossy type. For those of you who want to give the impression of glamor, frosty is the type that is suitable to be applied.

Find suitable inspiration

there are many ways and references you can do to choose a suitable lipstick. You can seek inspiration through magazines, websites, or ask for friend recommendations. After that, please disconnect the matching and comfortable for your lips.

Try the overall makeup

before choosing a lipstick for your wedding day, it’s good to try the lipstick with the whole makeup to be used. Take a photo to see how you will look and compare which one is right for you.


Things to be prepared in wedding receptions

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Are you going to have a wedding reception and want to know what are the things that need to be prepared for a wedding reception? Marriage is a dream for every couple who love each other. Because the marriage will utter a sacred promise to live life together both love and sorrow. Marriage is certainly an important part of life. Therefore, many couples want to hold a wedding reception event. Before the wedding reception, you can pay attention to the things that must be fulfilled in the wedding reception.

Place to direct receptions

One of the things that need to be prepared for a wedding reception that you can notice is the place to hold a reception for a wedding. Reception in marriage is a form of gratitude for happiness and also early to form a new household. In this wedding reception event, of course, you need to determine which place or location you will use to hold the reception. This place or location you need to prepare well in advance. Because usually have to reserve the place in advance so as not used by others to hold the same wedding reception.

Decorations in wedding receptions

Part of the wedding reception that also needs to be considered is the decor in the wedding reception. The decor will beautify the look of the wedding reception you are doing. This decoration will be shown to all invited guests to come. Of course, choose the decor for an experienced wedding reception. Because surely the results will be obtained will satisfy and also look perfect when the wedding reception has been going on. Without wedding decorations, the display in the reception will not look pretty.

Catering is used

In the wedding reception do not forget the catering used. This caterer will later prepare all kinds of food menu that you have prepared before. The caterer will provide food a number of requests from the parties that make the wedding. Catering will provide meals right at the time of the wedding reception. Because this food is most important for invited guests who enjoy lunch while watching the married couple who are already married.

Bridal makeup

Another thing to note also in carrying out the wedding reception is the bridal makeup. This bridal makeup includes makeup and also a dress for the bridal couple. Makeup is, of course, used to polish the bride’s face to look beautiful as a queen a day. In addition, it will also make up the parents and in-laws of the bride. Makeup also usually make up the family as well as guest books that exist in the wedding reception. In addition to makeup, also the most important are the wedding dress. The theme and color of the wedding dress are determined by the couple themselves. So the obligation of the bridal fairy party to provide wedding dress in accordance with the request of the bride.

Invitation and wedding souvenir

Things to consider next in the wedding reception is an invitation as well as wedding souvenirs. Invitations and wedding souvenirs are aimed at invited guests who come at the wedding reception. So that all invited guests can bring home the memento of the couple as a symbol to remember to ever come to a couples reception party.

Actually, there is much to consider in taking care of things that need to be prepared for the wedding reception, but you can visit the website for more information.


Tips on choosing a wedding building

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Anyone wants his wedding to run well. Various things must be taken care of and done from the beginning for the realization of the desire. One of them is the selection of a wedding building that will be used later. Perhaps the choice of a wedding building is not an easy task. There are criteria and other things to consider before finally making a choice. Although many wedding buildings can be used as an option, you should be absolutely sure to choose one of the best and most appropriate later.

An understandable lot of time consumed to search and find the right building. Some buildings may have fallen into criteria. However, once coming to the premises, his adjusted wedding date has been filled by other subscribers. Things like this become one of the most common obstacles. And so the reason why long really get the building.

These constraints should be of special concern to you. After all, the selection of the building affects the success of the wedding that will be held. Do not let you choose a building that does not fit so the wedding can not run as expected. It takes patience to find the most appropriate building. For that, a few tips below can be done to find and choose a suitable wedding for your happy moments and couples later. Here are tips on choosing a building for a wedding:

  1. Strategic location so priority in building selection

The location of the building becomes very important to consider. This will affect the number of guests who may be present at the event. If you choose a building that is strategically located and easy to reach, it is likely that guests will come because they will not experience any meaningful obstacles to come to your wedding.

  • Get match the budget

After getting some building information that can be considered, the next step is to adjust the rental price of the building with the budget you and your budget partner. Make sure the amount gets into your budget and does not interfere with other spending items.

  • Calculate number of guest and building capacity

In addition to location and price, you are also required to take into account the capacity of the building and adjust it to the number of invited guests. It would be very wasteful if you rent a large building, but only a few invited guests. Or it will get into trouble if you invite a large number of guests, while the rented building is inadequate. It is certain that the invited guests are not accommodated inside the building you rent. For that, it is important to look at this well. Because it will be very influential on your wedding.

  • Collect more information

Whether you know it through the internet, social media, relatives, friends, or neighbors, the information you get will help you make decisions. Do not merely be the price of the main reference, but information about the cheap building is not you get the full. Better to choose a little expensive that your complete information.

  • Wedding house survey

Take your time to go directly to the building that enters your criteria. A live survey is your decision-maker in choosing a building. It is a lucky coincidence that the building you are attending is being used for weddings.

  • Wedding house facilities

The various facilities in the building also affect the smoothness of the event. Make sure the selected building has adequate facilities, such as adequate parking, changing rooms, makeup room, toilets, sound system, and other supporting facilities. These facilities greatly affect the comfort of you and the guests who come during the event.

  • Customize with wedding date

If you have specified which building you consider most appropriate, find out if there is an empty schedule available for your wedding date in the building? It is advantageous when the schedule is vacant according to the date of your marriage and spouse. Keep in mind, the number of couples who want to rent a building for the wedding cause many schedules that have been filled.

  • Quickly take decisions and messages immediately

If all the above considerations have been met and you together have been convinced and agreed, it is better to immediately make reservations the wedding building. Make an advance payment in accordance with the rules of the building’s management as a reassurance that you booked the building. That way, the affairs of getting the building done already. And you stay focused on preparing for something else.




One of the important things that you should prepare when going to carry out the wedding reception is catering. With the growing presence of catering companies makes you more difficult to choose catering for weddings. In choosing catering, you should not be playful and haphazard. Because choosing can make you in trouble. It could be the cost you have to spend is not in accordance with the initial agreement, the food is not tasty or stale and the service of the catering officers are less satisfactory.

You definitely do not want your wedding party that should be smooth to be messy or not as you expects because of a small problem like this. Therefore, you should be really careful when going to choose a caterer that will be used for receptions for your wedding reception. Here are some tips on choosing a catering for a wedding:

define budget

Each catering must have a menu and a different price. In addition, they also have certain food packages. If you are going to have a reception with a few guests, we recommend using a package per table. But if you want to hold a reception with a lot of guests, you should use a buffet type that uses the price per plate. Do not forget to always ask the cost.

Food menu held

Before determining the catering to be used, you should find out the menu of food from some catering. That way, you can determine the best food menu that you will choose.

The way they serve food

If your preferred catering location is far from where you are going to take the reception, you should ask them how long it will take and how it will reach the reception area. Make sure that the food is served on time.

Facilities to be provided

If you choose the catering provided by the place where you will be doing the reception, you no longer need to provide tableware, tablecloth and table decorations. But if not, make sure that the caterer you use will provide all of these things. After choosing a caterer that you will use, do not forget to always coordinate with them. This is to prevent misunderstandings and unwanted things during the event.


Tips on choosing a bridal gown

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All women would want to look gorgeous at their wedding moment. Therefore, choosing a wedding dress is the most important element for you to look beautiful perfectly on your wedding day. If you do not want to be wrong in choosing, here are some things to note, as quoted from the site all women stalk.

  1. Budget

    buying a wedding dress requires considerable expenditure. Even sometimes make you spend more money. So before deciding to buy it up to spend half the wedding budget, better think back your decision maturely. Keep in mind that, dresses with an expensive price is not necessarily suitable when worn with you.

  2. Being yourself

    choose a wedding dress that really shows your personality, but with a touch more glamorous than usual. If you like bright colors, just wear a wedding dress with a palette that you love.

  3. Choose a possible practical dress

    often a beautiful looking wedding dress is not necessarily practical to use. On your wedding day, there will be plenty of activities like dancing with the groom, welcoming to invited guests and also other activities that will be a lot of draining. Therefore, you should choose a practical wedding dress to wear.

  4. Fit with body shape

    often we force to buy clothes that actually do not fit our body size just because to look beautiful. In fact, the clothes that do not fit with our body shape, making the display to be unsightly.

  5. Comfortable material

    the material is one of the important factors in choosing the right wedding dress. If you have sensitive skin, stay away from materials such as lace, with fur accents or other materials that can make an allergic reaction to your body. Similarly, choose ingredients that easily absorb sweat and comfortable worn either day or night.

  6. Color selection

    any custom chose in a happy day, whether traditional or modern, remember to adjust the color of the dress with your skin.

  7. In accordance with the marriage location

    if you have an outdoor event, be it in the park or near the beach, choose a wedding dress that will be easy to wear on your happy day. Choose a lightweight material and also length in order to facilitate your space.