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Tips for choosing hair style for the bride

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For women, hair is a crown that must always be maintained and cared for, and during the ceremony until the wedding, hair is one of the limbs that should look perfect throughout the event. Many women who want to hold the bun, or for hours sitting in front of the mirror to get an order or hair style is complicated but beautiful. Well for you the women who will soon be married, determine the appropriate hairstyle for the wedding can be quite confusing things. Plus, in addition to looking beautiful, your hairstyle must remain durable and look durable for the next few hours. The hairstyle you choose must also be in accordance with the theme and dress or wedding kebaya that you use. Then with all that necessary, what sort of arrangement would be right for me. Here we will give some short tips how to choose a hairstyle for a wedding that you can try.

Customize with your personality

the first rule in choosing a hairstyle for your wedding is, make sure the hairstyle suits your personality and face. The model of a suitable hairstyle will make you look more beautiful and complete the look of makeup and dress you wear. You certainly do not want to, five years later when you make wedding photo album and do not recognize yourself because of the different hairstyle so that your face looks weird.

Avoid drastic changes in hair

because want to look perfect or different, many women who decided to change the appearance of hair drastically before the wedding. If you think this is the right move, you are wrong! When going to a wedding, avoid making major changes to your hair like painting or cutting it. This is because your haircut or new hair color may not be suitable for your wedding dress. In addition, maintaining a haircut or hair color before the wedding aims to avoid hair damage that may occur during the coloring process.

Choose hair style that fits with bride wedding collar

choose a hairstyle that fits the collar of the wedding dress is the next rule to get the appropriate bridal hair style. It aims to make your hair style match with the dress you use. In addition to the wedding dress, of course, the hairstyle you choose should be also similar to the veil model (if using) and short length of your hair. For example, for those of you who have short hair, you can add flower accessories matching with a han bouquet or bridal dress style worn.

Find inspiration as much as possible

before deciding to choose a hairstyle for your wedding, be diligent to seek inspiration from the internet, magazines or wedding blog. Do not forget, after finding the hairstyle you like, consult with a hairdresser who will be in charge of styling your hair later. Ask your hair stylist, whether the hairstyle you choose matches the shape of your face, your makeup, or your dress.