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Outdoor wedding preparation tips

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an outdoor wedding is now one of the wedding concepts that is favored by many couples. The concept of marriage is synonymous with the intimate atmosphere but still relaxed it does provide a lot of wedding venue options, be it a park, mountain, or beach. Holding an outdoor wedding also has its own challenges, so make sure you read the tips from the bride dept team below for the smoothness of your wedding day

Determine the right time

Determine the right time for your wedding in accordance with the venue of your choice. If you hold an outdoor wedding on the beach, do not hold an event at 1 pm will make the guests warm invitations. At sunset will be a more appropriate choice and can also add to the romantic atmosphere of your happy day.

Prepare plan b

One of the biggest obstacles in an outdoor wedding is the weather that is sometimes erratic, so make sure you prepare plan b with mature. You can discuss it with the wedding organizer of your choice because their professional experience will equip them with valuable knowledge that will help you in preparing the outdoor wedding with mature.

Note the comfort of invited guests

The comfort of invited guests is the thing that you need to prioritize. If you say seating dinner, make sure your invited guest’s seats are covered with comfortable material to sit on. You can also discuss with the decoration vendor so that the decoration of the chair for invited guests can be adjusted with the decoration of your wedding event as a whole.

Customize your wedding dress

If you hold an outdoor wedding during the day, surely you will be more sweaty, so do not let the wrong material select and model your wedding dress. Choose a fabric that does not make you feel hot and comfortable wedding dress pieces, so you can freely move during your wedding.

Customize your makeup and hairdo

Hot weather can make your makeup wear off. So also fast wind gusts that can make your hair messy. Surely you do not want that to happen, right? To keep looking beautiful throughout the event, consult this with your choice of makeup artist first.

Choose the right catering menu

You should work closely with your preferred catering vendor to outsmart food that is easy to melt or should be served as cold as ice cream. This is a bit tricky, so you can not arbitrarily choose the catering menu for the outdoor wedding. One choice of food can cause the food to be quickly liquid or even unsuitable for consumption in the open. Provide also a variety of refreshing beverages and easy to enjoy to overcome the thirst of invited guests, such as fresh fruit juice.

Choose a heat-resistant wedding cake

Planning to cut wedding cake on your wedding day? Make sure you choose wedding cake with a layer of sugar that is resistant to hot weather, such as fondant cake. This elastic cake decoration material is not easily faded due to hot weather, so you do not have to worry about your wedding cake will be liquid before it can be eaten. Do not use a layer of creamy cake yes, because the creamy layer more easily melt.

Prepare anti-insect spray

One thing that may never have occurred to the bride who wants to go outdoor wedding is the importance of anti-insect spray. In order not to interfere, choose an anti-insect spray that does not smell or have a natural fragrance.

So some tips from the bride dept team for you who want to hold an outdoor wedding.


Tips for choosing hair style for the bride

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For women, hair is a crown that must always be maintained and cared for, and during the ceremony until the wedding, hair is one of the limbs that should look perfect throughout the event. Many women who want to hold the bun, or for hours sitting in front of the mirror to get an order or hair style is complicated but beautiful. Well for you the women who will soon be married, determine the appropriate hairstyle for the wedding can be quite confusing things. Plus, in addition to looking beautiful, your hairstyle must remain durable and look durable for the next few hours. The hairstyle you choose must also be in accordance with the theme and dress or wedding kebaya that you use. Then with all that necessary, what sort of arrangement would be right for me. Here we will give some short tips how to choose a hairstyle for a wedding that you can try.

Customize with your personality

the first rule in choosing a hairstyle for your wedding is, make sure the hairstyle suits your personality and face. The model of a suitable hairstyle will make you look more beautiful and complete the look of makeup and dress you wear. You certainly do not want to, five years later when you make wedding photo album and do not recognize yourself because of the different hairstyle so that your face looks weird.

Avoid drastic changes in hair

because want to look perfect or different, many women who decided to change the appearance of hair drastically before the wedding. If you think this is the right move, you are wrong! When going to a wedding, avoid making major changes to your hair like painting or cutting it. This is because your haircut or new hair color may not be suitable for your wedding dress. In addition, maintaining a haircut or hair color before the wedding aims to avoid hair damage that may occur during the coloring process.

Choose hair style that fits with bride wedding collar

choose a hairstyle that fits the collar of the wedding dress is the next rule to get the appropriate bridal hair style. It aims to make your hair style match with the dress you use. In addition to the wedding dress, of course, the hairstyle you choose should be also similar to the veil model (if using) and short length of your hair. For example, for those of you who have short hair, you can add flower accessories matching with a han bouquet or bridal dress style worn.

Find inspiration as much as possible

before deciding to choose a hairstyle for your wedding, be diligent to seek inspiration from the internet, magazines or wedding blog. Do not forget, after finding the hairstyle you like, consult with a hairdresser who will be in charge of styling your hair later. Ask your hair stylist, whether the hairstyle you choose matches the shape of your face, your makeup, or your dress.


Tips on choosing wedding party menu

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Marriage is one of the most important moments in life. Many things must be prepared to meet all the needs of the party, including preparing the wedding menu. In the minds of the guests, a wedding party is synonymous with good eating. Serving good food is important because usually, people will judge the success of a wedding party from the food.

  1. Customize menu with wedding themes

Is your wedding party themed traditional or international? If your wedding is a traditional theme, you can serve the menu with dominated by regional food such as meatballs.  You can also use traditional tableware to taste more nuance.

  1. Determine the amount of food

Determining the portion of food is one of the important things in preparing the wedding menu. The amount of food should be prepared more than the invited guest’s list.

  1. Provide varied menu

Choose a menu with a variety of types. Do not let you provide a meal that is all-around meat, all-fish, or all-around vegetables. Varied foods certainly make invited guests feel interested. Provide a variety of cuisine so that guests can choose the food that suits their tastes.

  1. Select the most favored menus

Choose a menu that is generally familiar to people, In addition, you should also provide foods that are not troublesome when eaten, because many people who prefer a practical food. Avoid the menu like fish or ribs because it will make the guests bother to remove the thorn or bone from the meat. For guests, especially women, food like this can also damage the lipstick.


Tips on Buying Wedding Rings

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Your marriage is getting closer but you and your partner are still confused in choosing a wedding ring. Choosing and buying wedding rings is easy-peasy, especially this ring we will wear for life. Surely, we do not want to choose wrong. Here are some tips for choosing and buying wedding rings:

Do not rush in choosing wedding ring

because it turns out the search for a ring for you and your partner is not that easy you know. In order to reduce your confusion, you can start by determining what kind of ring style you and your partner want. After that start looking for a jewelry store that can accommodate both of you wish. Another reason you should start early is that most couples want their wedding rings to be engraved and the process takes several days.

Determine the budget

although the wedding ring is something you and your partner will wear forever, you still have to have a budget in your choice. The price of a ring made of yellow gold must be different from white gold, so if you want to add a diamond. Shop based on an agreed budget.

Do not get too many choices

sometimes the name of women likes crazy when it was invited to the store. Not infrequently many of the prospective bride to be mind-changing when it was invited to start looking for a wedding ring. Therefore we advise you to provide 3 options. Do not let your partner is bothered because you change thoughts constantly. Hehe.

Your rings and pairs do not have to be exact or uniform

If the old days may be the wedding ring must be exact or uniform. But there really is no necessity! If your prospective husband does not want to wear a gold ring and choose to use a platinum ring, why not? Do not let us force our desires so that makes couples become uncomfortable wearing them. Let him have his individual style!

Think for the long term

Maybe a wedding ring with a certain model is becoming a trend, but will the trend last up to 20-30 years ahead? We recommend that you choose a timeless model so you will never regret your decision later.

Prioritize practicality

the wedding ring will be worn forever by you and your partner, then you should also consider the reason for its practicality. We often meet couples who lose their wedding bands because they choose a complicated model that makes them uncomfortable and often releases the wedding ring. Finally? Missing the wedding ring.

Look for the appropriate size

not only your wedding dress that requires final fitting but your wedding ring too. Do you know the size of your finger can change? Therefore, we advise you not to try the wedding ring in the morning or after you exercise. Why morning? Because in the morning, your body still saves salt from the night before so that its size will become bigger! Daytime is the most appropriate time in trying wedding rings.