The dangers of cigarettes for women’s health

Smoking is no longer a man’s habit, but women are also starting to like this bad habit. The pleasures that he says in being able to smoke have made many women addicted to the smoking-follow-up.

In health hazards, women are much more vulnerable than men. This can be understood because naturally, the physical woman is different from men. Women experience a hormonal cycle that causes them to experience menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. As for men, no. Women have breasts and wombs that men do not have. For smoking, women are more vulnerable and should receive extra medical attention.

Here are seven dangers of cigarettes for women.

1. Difficult Pregnant

Women smokers will generally find it harder to get offspring than non-smokers. This is due to the stimulation of cigarette smoke that affects the hormonal balance necessary for reproduction. Stimulation of cigarette smoke will disrupt the movement of sperm and ovum in the uterus so that fertilization will be difficult.

2. Risk of Pregnancy Outside the Womb

In addition to causing a difficult woman to get pregnant, cigarette smoke also increases the risk of pregnancy outside the womb. Pregnancy outside the womb is certainly very risky miscarriage or complications occur for the mother who contains it.
The solution is to stop smoking and also routinely check the content to a specialist so that can be immediately known if there are abnormalities in the fetus.

3. Damaging Immunity

Immunity or the immune system is a complex system in the body that serves to block various sources of disease that will enter the body. A smoker woman generally has a 2x weaker immune system than a non-smoker. Weakening of this immune system will cause the body susceptible to disease or infection.

4. Risk of Premature Baby Birth

Birth preterm babies are often found in women smokers. This is due to harmful substances in cigarettes that can penetrate the placenta and disrupt the overall health of the fetus. As a result the growth of the fetus is disrupted so that at birth the baby is physically or mentally disabled.

5. Risk of Miscarriage

The risk of miscarriage is greater for women smokers. The more a woman smokes a cigarette, the greater the risk of miscarriage. In addition, other abnormalities that occur in women smokers is increased abnormal placental location and increase the risk of premature rupture of membranes.

6. Trigger of Reproductive Cancer

Women smokers are very risky exposed to various kinds of reproductive cancers such as ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer. In addition, the possibility of vaginal infections also increased. Cigarette smoke entering the body will trigger the emergence of malignant cancer cells that attack various important organs such as lungs, liver, kidneys, even the heart.

7. Breast Cancer

Chemical substances in cigarettes are the main triggers of breast tumors. These tumors will continue to spread and become malignant if the habit continues to be smoking. In fact, many cases where the breast should be removed completely because of the cancer conditions that have been severe.

8. Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual disorders such as vaginal discharge, excessive bleeding, and unbearable pain are very irritating for women. This can also be caused by smoking.
Toxic substances in cigarettes can affect the ovaries or ovaries and cause a decrease in estrogen production in the body. This low estrogen hormone will affect the disruption of the menstrual cycle and also the hormonal activity of women.

9. Heart Attack and Stroke

It’s common for many smokers to die of heart attacks and strokes. A study published in has shown that 35% of women who smoke have a 4 to 10 fold risk of heart disease and stroke. This is caused by toxic substances in cigarettes, especially tobacco which can be bad for the health of the heart and blood vessels of the brain.


Danger Drinking While Standing For Health

The safest position while drinking is when we are sitting. When sitting is actually the nerves of the body’s nerves in a state of calm and ready to receive incoming water from different types of different drinks. In addition to health reasons, sitting position while drinking is also closely related to ethics of modesty and as a healthy lifestyle that should be improved in the life of society.

This is why drinking while standing is harmful to the health of the body:

1. Stomach ache

When a person drinks while standing, then the throat is narrowed and wrinkled which can make it difficult for food to be crushed smoothly on the digestive tract. This condition causes pain in the abdomen.

2. Disturbed body balance

Drinking while standing can cause the central nervous system organs to be depressed and forced to continue to work hard to stabilize the condition of the body that you unwittingly in a state of tension. As a result the body’s nerves in stress conditions and trigger the emergence of nerve function.

3. Flatulence

The habit of drinking standing while causing water directly into the body without passing through the intestinal wall and flow too fast. This condition makes a person susceptible to flatulence. Discomfort in the abdomen and the emergence of a feeling of vomiting.

4. The filtering filter in the kidney is closed

The habit of drinking while standing can cause filter filtering in the kidney so closed, so the water will flow directly into the bladder and not through the filtering process first in the kidney tissue. This condition facilitates the accumulation of various impurities in the ureteral tract that can lead to kidney organ disorders.

5. Stomach wound

When drinking standing water conditions into the stomach will suddenly flow unevenly and cause food in the stomach is difficult to digest, This can injure the stomach wall and make the injury that triggers a person experiencing gastric inflammation that later can increase levels of stomach acid In the stomach.